3 good reasons

Stress-free travel planning

As a licensed IATA travel agency we can issue you with your ticket straight away so you’re ready to go. And that’s rescued many a business appointment for our customers. Our staff regularly undertake IATA and Deutsche Bahn training, so you can rely on us to amend the date or name on your booking fast and to find you the most cost-effective route with creative ticketing - usually while you’re still on the phone to us!

We will draw up a list of alternatives for you to choose from. And if you don’t like any of the options we give you, we’ll start again. We negotiate with airlines, hotels and travel operators, and with our network of personal contacts, we can get the best deals on terms and prices and get you air mile upgrades.

Keeping costs down

Which way is quicker, more efficient, cheaper? Plane, train, your own car or a rental car, or a mixture of all four?

We check whether there are seats available on your preferred flight and in which price category. We can also advise you on the best choice of seat for your needs. And we’ll give you a seat reservation that’s flexible and easy to change - even to a cheaper price category.

If you prefer to travel by train, we can book you the perfect seat even at short notice. We’ll also advise you on the different types of tickets and services Deutsche Bahn offers.

And if you have any questions on car rental – different tariffs, payment by voucher or opening hours, for example – we can help, and we’ll also update you on any relevant Foreign Office, travel or security advice.

The feel-good factor throughout your journey

We want you to have complete peace of mind throughout your trip. So you get your own personal contact who knows exactly where you are at any time on your journey. That way, if you need to change your plans during the trip – if a business meeting is rescheduled, for example – they will step in and make the changes for you. And at BTS you won’t find telephone queueing systems or answering machines that promise you a call-back that never comes. Because we believe in the human touch!

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